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From The Chairman's Desk

Dr. Jay Prakash

Master Degree from Bangalore University.
Promoter of Group of Companies in India and an eminent educationist.

In the changing and competitive environment of 21st century, organizations need performance enhancing competencies, i.e., knowledgeable, dynamic, self-driven and result orientated professionals.

To meet professional demands, we at IIBS constantly design and redesign the programs and curriculum as suited to our corporate partners in order to develop the students' capabilities in such a way which would be relevant and compatible for the ever changing needs of the corporate world. Here in IIBS through our innovative and flexible learning modules, we metamorphose ordinary students into professional managers.

Professional learning is about dealing with business realities. At 11 BS we provide high quality academic inputs to all our students and try to bring out the best of their persona, so that they will be self driven in the path of success.

IIBS value system and culture is friendly and open. We insist that our students learn result driven attitude and discipline. We aim to promote freedom with accountability, equality, and uncompromising jest for performance with social responsibility, which involves learning beyond the class room.

I welcome you to experience the superior professionalism as you pass through IIBS and let the change begin within you through IIBS.


Dr. Tripuraneni Jaggaiah

International Institute of Business Studies
MA- Economics, MBA- Marketing, Ph.D.

Competitive spirit has become the hallmark of the dynamic corporate environment wherein companies need to make progress. This pressure of development percolates fast down the hierarchy. Any extent of professionalism falls short when it comes to corporate reality.

As professionals, they need to accomplish success with available opportunities, the growing corporate world and the ever-changing technology. We at IIBS accept all these challenges to satisfy the aspirations of Prospective Management Professionals, creating an environment for transformation and enabling them to realize their dreams through dedicated and committed faculties through BRS [Business Reality Simulations) pedagogy and regular interactions with the corporate professionals'.

Dr. Raja Sulochana  A L, Associate Professor

Dr. Dinesh Mahajan, Associate Professor

Dr. Basavaraju, Associate Professor

Dr. M kethan ,IQAC Co -ordinator, Associate Professor

Dr. Rambabu, Associate Professor

Dr. G N Nagraja,Associate Professor

Dr. Shankar Narayan Shastri, Associate Professor

Dr. K Venkateswarlu, Associate Professor

Dr. Uma Devi, Associate Professor

Dr. S Balaji  Nayak, Associate Professor

Dr. Balaji T, Associate Professor

Ms. Abhilasha, Assistant Professor

Mrs. Archana Y C, Assistant Professor

Ms. Arshiya Anjum, Assistant Professor

Mr. Arun Kumar U M, Assistant Professor

Mr. Ashok Macha, Assistant Professor

Mr. Vignesh Y Jali, Assistant Professor

Mrs. Bibi Hajira, Assistant Professor, HOD B.om

Mr. Chethan Raja, Assistant Professor

Ms. Chaithra, Assistant Professor

Ms. E Divya, Assistant Professor

Mrs. Drakshayini, Assistant Professor, HOD BCA


Mrs. T. Lakshmamma, Assistant Professor

Ms. Hyma, Assistant Professor

Mrs. Mangla V Reddy, Assistant Professor

Mr. Munianjinappa, Assistant Professor

Mr. Mahabub Basha S, Assistant Professor, HOD BBA

Mr. Nagesha, Assistant Professor

Mr. Narayan Prasad, Assistant Professor

Mr. Naveen Kumar, Assistant Professor


Mr. Gangaraju K , Assistant Professor

Mr. Rajesh A V, Assistant Professor

Mr. Rajshekhar, Assistant Professor

Mr. Saket Reddy, Assistant Professor


Mr. Kuldeep Sharma, Assistant Professor

Mrs. Susmitha, Assistant Professor

Mr. Shrinidhi V, Assistant Professor

Mr. Amaresh Y, Assistant Professor

Ms. Truoti Suryawamshi, Assistant Professor


Mr. N.S.R Murthy Assistant Professor


Dr. Samiya Mubeen, Associate Professor


Mr. Manoranjan H P, Assistant Professor

Mr. Kondapalli Ramu,Physical Director



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