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Women’s empowerment (or female empowerment) may be defined in several ways, including accepting women’s viewpoints or making an effort to seek them, raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy, and training. Women’s empowerment equips and allows women to make life-determining decisions through the different problems in society. They may have the opportunity to redefine gender roles or other such roles, which in turn may allow them more freedom to pursue desired goals. AICTE Approved MBA college in Bangalore

Women’s empowerment has become a significant topic of discussion in development and economics. Economic empowerment allows women to control and benefit from resources, assets, and income. It also aids the ability to manage risk and improve women’s well-being. It can result in approaches to support trivialized genders in a particular political or social context. While often interchangeably used, the more comprehensive concept of gender empowerment concerns people of any gender, stressing the distinction between biological and gender as a role. Women empowerment helps in boosting the status of women through literacy, education, training, and awareness creation. Furthermore, women’s empowerment refers to women’s ability to make strategic life choices that had been previously denied them. Best MBA college in Bangalore

Women Empowerment in India:

Women empowerment in India cannot be compared with that in other countries. Women were highly respected in the Vedic ages. The focus on women’s education was never absent. The word ‘sahadharmini’ was known from the Vedic days. Sahadharmini means – equal partner. It is thus very clear that women in India in ancient days enjoyed respect, education, and reverence.

As time passed the Indian culture was contaminated with the conservative Middle Eastern and British culture. As a result, the power and respect that women enjoyed were lost. MBA course in Bangalore

Gradually after independence, women started regaining the lost power. Today women are everywhere. The country saw its female Prime Minister and President, the country has many eminent female sportspeople like Saina Nehwal or P.T Usha, the country has been blessed with talented women scientists like A. Chatterjee or B Vijayalakshmi. Women are joining the combat forces in India without any hesitation.

However, many women in India are still finding it hard to come out of the clutches of patriarchy – particularly in the rural sector. The empowered women must urge these women to raise voices, protest, and seek help from the authorities.

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